The Influence Of Emmeline On Women's Suffrage

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A moment of mourning swept Emmeline in 1898, as she suffered unrepairable loss of her husband, leaving her with massive burden of responsibility of five children. Emmeline resigned from the Board of Guardians, but almost immediately appointed to the salaried office of Registrar of Births and Deaths in Manchester . Even after her years in the Board of Guardians, Emmeline was still in bewilderment as she was reminded how little respect there was for women and children. Pankhurst 's social awareness and involvement in the women 's movement stemmed from actively helping those in need, in which she joined the Labor party in 1900. Furthermore, by participating in the suffrage movements, Pankhurst hoped to enable policy changes through women 's…show more content…
In October, 1903, together with her daughters, Emmeline created the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU), with a permanent motto of “Deeds, not words.” The organization was so named to “emphasize its democracy” and “define its object as political rather than propagandist.” The WSPU was also composed of women from all the different classes, exclaiming that women suffrage was desired by all women. A unique aggressive militant tactics that defied the notion of ‘proper women’ was adopted, such as disrupting parliament members’ speeches, held street meetings to increase people’s awareness, and strikes. As the reform of law had to be agreed by the government, this idea behind the militancy and attacks on both private as well as public properties were highlighted as Emmeline exclaimed, “There is something that governments care far more for than human life, and that is the security of property, and so it is through property that we shall strike the enemy.” While participating in such activities was effective since it drew attention to the cause, doing so required a substantial commitment from the woman who broke social mores and drew attention also to herself. Every militant act of the W. S. P. U. required bravery from each member and Pankhurst encouraged them through resisting the government, even to the point of being sentenced to time in prison. Her campaign was further strengthen by her exclamation that women had suffered for their families, but never for themselves, and thus, women also have the rights to express themselves by exercising political rights. The numerous strikes, and public disruptions has caused many imprisonments of the WSPU members, including Pankhurst and her daughter, but nothing stopped them from fighting for their political rights. The women were “awake at last,” and ready to fight for their human
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