Kitty Genovese: Is Empathy Create A Stronger Society?

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“ When you empower people, you’re not influencing just them; You’re influencing all the people they influence. “ -John Maxwell. This shows how one thing can do a lot. The Holocaust was a terrifying event. Jewish people were separated from families. They were shipped to a concentration camp where 1.1 million people died. So many people stood there and watched what was going on between the gates. Bystanders hurt them during that time. Just how the Kitty Genovese case was popular. She was a young woman who was killed by someone in front of her whole neighborhood. Empathy can create a stronger society because it can prevent violence, help people change their ways, and put people in different situations. From the Kitty Genovese article reflection we learned that empathy can create a stronger society because it can prevent violence. For this assignment, we read a article and examined a killing that happened. Everyone in the area stood by blindly. We had to determine why we thought this took place. We had to comprehend how the bystander effect resulted in her death. “Law abiding citizens in Queens watched a killer stalk…”( Kitty Genovese article reflection) As people watched it made Kitty Genovese’s case look worse. If people who was in the area just took the time to come outside it could’ve prevented this. For…show more content…
Empathy relates to all of the pieces of evidence. If people showed empathy and actually tried to change the bad situations people were in and could’ve had a different outcome. Every piece of evidence had to do with bystanders. People always had a chance to help out. However, they made a decision not to. Today in the real world we suffer from people not stepping in nothing. Just like back than there are many violences that could’ve been stopped. If we have a choice to do something right and do it we can change

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