The Influence Of Ethnic Groups In Malaysia

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Introduction First of all, based on the question need to choose 2 ethnic groups in Malaysia and compare and contrast their value and belief, culinary, tradition, festival celebration. Therefore, I choose to do Chinese and Malay, how this 2 ethnic groups influence attitudes, shopping behaviour of the selected ethic group during their festival season.
So, as we know Malaysia has many different ethnic groups as Chinese, Malay, Indian, Iban, Kadazan and others. Since our country has many different ethnic groups might have affected each group’s consumer behaviour and decisions also our identification with these cultural groups and institutions affects our lifestyle and the values we hold. However, the culture can also influence consumer behaviour through a market and the groups which we belong to and own sense of self can affect the symbols we use to express our social class/image. Moreover, Malaysia has many different cultures but also to generate a number of different subcultures or ethnic groups within the larger society including such factors as language, knowledge, laws, religions, food customs, music, art, work patterns, products and others artefacts (Leon Schiffman and Aron O 'Cass 2013). In addition, Michael R.Solomon (2011) has mentioned acculturation is learning the value system and behaviours of another culture. Members of a subculture learn to adapt to the others host culture. Consumer knowledge, skills and behaviour can be learned through the processes of social

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