The Influence Of Ethnocentrism In China

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Every individual will naturally be introduced to a specific cultural environment where they builds up a particular thought of what 'normal ' in their life is. The people around a person as they grow up will shape that person impression or perception of what individuals should look like and how their life ought to carry on. Ethnocentrism is the thought that individuals own organization, culture, or nation know best what or how to get things done. In other words, a group of people 's belief and perception that their own social group is better and superior than others.
It can be said that China have a high ethnocentrism due to their way of living such as their living place. As China was the greatest and most grounded nation in its locale, joined with the way that it is moderately secluded from some other solid nations, this could have supported sentiments of ethnocentrism among them. When the people is used to only have their own kind around them, it will likely make the people know better only about their own culture and will lead them into having the perception that their culture is the best and above all other in understanding anything or getting the work done.
Other than that, the sentiments of ethnocentrism could have been imbedded in the people’s mind as they see other nations as less capable. China is known for their big market in all around the world. Due to other nations’ market that are smaller than them, the Chinese tend to have perceptions that the production of

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