The Influence Of Eurocentrism In America

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Regimes already in power of nations tend to find ways to keep their dynasty in charge of those nations for long periods of times. Some of those Nations such as the Greeks believed in democracy, while others such as the Persians believed in harsh taxation and oppression of their subjects. Dominance from one group of people to another group of people is a concept that has spanned the lifetime of civilization. A great example of this is Eurocentrism which is followed by the White Man’s Burden during colonial times in early centuries in Europe and the United States. The superior race believed they were the ultimate race and needed to spread their transcendence to the rest of the world. However, these nations did not always treat races they deemed lower than their class with respect or humility. Often throughout history dominance is shown through enslavement and death of the lower class of races in a civilization. Common labor form in early history involved slavery which dominated the races that were deemed inferior. Races without a sense of civilization were judged as uncivilized and savages. The American Indians were looked upon as inferior and uncivilized when the first European settlers arrived in America. Violence often played key factors in eliminating Native Americans from their lands. In addition to inferiority, some nations took more extreme measures. Hitler and the country of Germany set out to exterminate the Jewish entity during the late 1930s and most of
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