The Influence Of Fashion Design In The Modern Century

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Fashion design before the modernist period was uncomfortable for women. With heavy fabrics and corsets. When the modernist period came around it revolutionised fashion for women. The two designers who impacted the fashion industry the most during this period were Coco Chanel and Jeanne Lanvin. Both designers wanted the same outcome when it came to their designs. The impact they had during the modernist period is still relevant in today’s fashion houses. Due to their modernist ideology during this period and consistency in designs both designers created and maintain high end, respected Fashion Houses. Jeanne Lanvin all began when she started up her own millinery shop and added womenswear to her line in 1889. In 1901 her name began to grow, when it was added to the French fashion year book. She moved on to head one of the premier Paris couture houses of the 1920s. Her designs at the time contrasted sharply with the androgynous aesthetic of the period. Her designs were known for existing in their own time. During this period fashion was limited to women. Were only a single silhouette was offered. Then Lanvin a feminine alternative as a modern designer she developed signature styles, that are still associated closely with the house of lanvin and seen on the lanvin label. Her work was recognizable for her fine craftsmanship and embroidery

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