The Influence Of Fashion In The 90's

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In the 90’s, fashion was far different than it was now. Colors were bright, loose bright slacks, tight jeans (Known as ‘Jeggings,’) ripped jeans, jackets, t shirts, polos and curly hair. There were a few events that influenced these fashion trends. Sports uniforms were the same as they are now today, military uniforms are mostly similar. The popularity of basketball shoes was born in the 90’s. There were many events, popularities and other things that inspired these strange choices of apparel. One, was the strange music videos from the 90’s. An example being the macarena. The people in that video wore bright clothes and tight pants, and that video was also very popular. Another common liking was rap music. The rappers back then wore bright colored shirts with strange patterns, loose brightly colored pants that were rolled at the bottom, with flat rim hats, and basketball shoes. Rock was also a big thing in the 90’s. Metallica, Slipknot, Rammstein and U2 were popular, with songs such as ‘(sic),’ ‘Enter Sandman,’ ‘Du Hast,’ and ‘One.’ This inspired a small percentage of people to wear more sensible clothing, such as regular jeans, t shirts, sunglasses, cheap sneakers and combat boots. It also got guys wearing their hair long, according to ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’…show more content…
The fact that grown people would be willing to wear little alien head rings only 20 years ago amazes me. Also, I found interesting how much music influenced people during the 90’s. Some stuff has carried over, but just a little bit. Ripped jeans you can occasionally see on people, t shirts are and like always will be popular, (especially slipknot t shirts,) Skinny jeans are also quite popular. I see a lot of ‘Pink,’ on people, the brand, not the color. But everyone seems to just wear their own thing, which is usually a sweatshirt, shorts, etc. That is the fashion of the

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