The Book Thief Theme Analysis

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The influence of Fear Imagine driving a car up on the mountains exceeding the speed limit without wearing the seat belt. Imagine for a moment how it would feel when death is a few meters away from you. How about your children who are waiting for you to take them home? Exactly, it is a mix of different feelings for losing the most precious things you have on earth. Children, parents, and family are those valuable parts in our lives that we always struggle to save them. The mix of feelings you will have is fear itself. Fear is the combination of different feelings that reminds you why you are living. When you are about to die and lose your children or parents, you will do your best just to stay alive. Imagine what you will do to stay alive…show more content…
Love and empathy has a great impact on Ender’s fear. “Maybe humanity needs me to find out what you are good for. We might both do despicable things, Ender, but if humankind survives then we were good tools,” Graff says (Scott Card, 35). Graff uses emotion to make Ender more empathetic toward humanity and their future, especially Valentine’s future, the one Ender adores, so that he will jeopardize his life for the sake of everyone he loves on earth. Graff gives a rise to Ender’s fear about his family so that he will get encouraged to save them all from the buggers, which is true. He could manipulate his mind to go with him to the battle school by telling him how serious and dangerous the situation is. So again, fear was the reason behind Ender’s decision. Valentine was a special case for Ender. “I was afraid that I would still love you,” Ender told Valentine (Scott Card, 237). Ender is telling Valentine that he would be in danger if he still loved her, but he is saying that he doesn’t have this feeling anymore that’s why he is back on earth, and he will no longer kill others to save those he loves on earth like Valentine. He says he doesn’t have the same feeling anymore because he is afraid of going back to the battle school and fight them. So, from that we conclude Valentine was a reason why Ender went to the battle school and decided to destroy an entire species to save her. His fear of losing her made him go back to the battle school again and defeat the buggers to protect
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