The Influence Of Feed In Ender's Game

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Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” This powerful, inspirational, and strong leader had a vision. He wanted to see change in the world, so he took action and made it happen. All his actions were regarded as disobedient, but he knew that if one does not fight to make a change in this world, change will never be made. If we have learned anything from history, it should be that taking action against unjust affairs leads to breakthroughs in society. In Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, Ender, the protagonist, takes a stand various times in the book, similar to the way King did. Ender was given direct orders to stay out of the battle. At first, he listened, saying, “I obey orders.” (Card 126) He stayed quiet, and was left with an unsettling feeling because of it. The second time, though, Ender undermines Bonzo’s authority in…show more content…
Anderson’s Feed also acts in a way society views as deviant. She is tired of the immense influence that the feed has on people. This mentality leads her to rebel. “What I’m trying to create a customer profile that’s so screwed, no one can market to it.” (Anderson 98) Her goal was to stop, or at least lessen, the hold technology has on her life. The rebellion does not become a problem until she needs the corporations help to pay for her feed. The corporations refuse to save her life because of her inability to buy their items. “We’re sorry, Violet Durn...don’t feel like you are a reliable investment...check out some of the great bargains...might be able to create a consumer portrait of you that would interest our investment team.” (Anderson 247) The corporation 's rejection to aid left a passionate, determined, young girl with a broken heart and a death sentence. Violet’s story in Feed is a prime example of how sometimes, no matter how good your intentions, change and being different backfires and, essentially, leads one to sabotage
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