The Influence Of Food Deserts

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There are issues that come up when talking about these precise geographic are being affected the most without receiving the fair chance of having healthy meals to eat every night. Some people believe that there is no way that some geographies will tell you that you cannot receive the nutrients food one needs to have a healthy diet.There are various ways one can receive the sufficient healthy foods one needs, and it is nothing based on geographic or the color of your skin. “Pennsylvania passed a Fresh Food Financing Initiative, which offered grants and loans to supermarkets willing to open in distressed neighborhoods and helped smaller stores expand their supplies of fresh food.” (Gilligan). It states that food deserts are not existing as of now and it is not an issue anymore. In contrast, there is countless research on how people that live in these “food deserts” are being affected the most are low-income areas as of today. USDA had reported that nearly ten percent of the US population lives more than an hour away from a grocery store.…show more content…
“Twenty-two states now have some version of fresh-food financing and there are countless local and nonprofit programs...” They claim that stores are coming to these “claimed” “food desert.” Whereas, about two percent of that population did not have a car that they could use to go to the grocery store (US
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