The Influence Of Football In My Life

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My artifact that reminds me most of home is the sport of football. It was something that brought my family together and played a very large part in my life because of how long I played it. It allowed me to grow closer to my older brother as well as my father. From playing football in the front yard with each other to watching it together every weekend. These experiences shaped me into the person I am today. Football is more than a sport, it is something that is a significant artifact to myself as well as my family.
My father and mother were raised on the earlier stages of football. Just as I was, these two grew up watching football every weekend with there own family. My father and grandfather were the only ones in his family that enjoyed watching football. My grandmother was a large critic of the game and loathed football in its entirety. My father would go out and have a big lunch with my grandfather every weekend to watch football without having to about my grandmother turning it off. My mother’s love for football did not begin until high school. She was a cheer leader in high school and would cheer for her team every Friday. Her love of football came from her own experiences with the game of football itself.
When my parents made a family of their own it was only natural that they started their own routine of football. From the time my brothers and I were born every weekend meant there was football. As my brothers and I grew up we learned more and more about football.

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