The Influence Of Fostering On The Family

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In order to better understand the influence of fostering on the family and the child in need of placement it is useful to refer to systemic perspectives and knowledge about family functioning. The “systemic perspective” is not so much concerned with individuals except that they function as part of highly organised systems or subsystems, often with consistent behavioural patterns and beliefs. It is helpful for examining the structure of a family, its flexibility, and interactions and how a foster child might be able or enabled to fit in. (Fox, 2001, p.114)
Recent developments in research within this domain have extracted work from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, and trauma. The model of ‘good-life’ is a practice based approach, which
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However, more research in the area is required to be done specifically regarding perceptions and experiences of children of foster care for determining the ways for addressing such issues. There are many institutions with systemic orientations for employees, for instance, a hospital will educate new employees about history of their institution, mission statement, vision, and expectation of employees from institutions. Children within foster care are deprived of such type of orientations (Schofield, et al., 2012; Schimmenti & Bifulco, 2013). Children in care are required to be educated regarding foster care along with their relationship to foster care. The infants are not appropriately considered to participate in such orientation. It can be said that children may want to know “why” at their early ages. However, it can be said that children in foster care may not be able to label such feelings such as anxiety or insecurity because they would not be able to ask questions regarding their environments. Such type of an orientation can provide answers to such questions that children may have for legitimizing their traumatic experiences while creating an opportunity for welfare of a child to affirm the significance and value of children (Colton, et al.,…show more content…
The social environment of foster care can interrupt developmental stages of children while preventing from obtaining optimum level of health. The institution of child welfare is being motivated by the intentions of protecting children from danger with the results of having unintentional increase in vulnerability of fragile population. It can be said that children in foster care in the absence of systemic interventions cannot be considered accountable to the children being responsible for their selections (MacDonald & Turner, 2005; Crosland & Dunlap,
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