The Influence Of GI Joe Action Figures

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Toys have been a part of human history for many centuries, in fact since the 18th century. The purpose of these toys were used to help children memorize information and help enhance their imagination. Toys being made in this century are more focused on the appearance of these toys, rather than the influence these toys give. GI Joe is a perfect example. These action figures have massive guns on them, and gives an image of the lifestyle soldiers went through. Even if children may not be influenced by GI Joe action figures, they may learn and try to look like the action figures(Counterclaim). Therefore GI Joe action figures are not a good role model to children because they give a false image of what a “man” should be, that men should be willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of someone or something, and that men should be tough.…show more content…
When the first action figures came out, the soldiers were built to show how an average man looks like in the war. But as the years progressed, the designers of these toys soon made the toys become more unrealistic. “His bicep would be almost as big as his waist and bigger than most competitive body builders” (“Real Life”). The average bicep size of a man is just 11.5 inches. The reality size of a GI Joe bicep is 27 inches, twice the average size of a man. Knowing the size of a GI Joe figure and an average man’s size gives a clear message of why and how these action figures are a bad role

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