The Influence Of Gender Stereotypes In Action Blockbuster Movies

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“I hope that by 2030, we can talk about gender difference in historical terms” is an inspiring quote from United Nations Women Executive Director, Phumzile Mlambo- Ngcuka (Jenni Lee). This line may look trite but it holds a significant meaning. It is a woman’s hope to break free from gender stereotype that is prevalent in today’s world. However, the road to achieve Ngcuka’s aspiration is going to be complicated since gender stereotypes still exists not only in the corporate world, but also in the film industry. Gender stereotype is depicted in a lot of movie genres especially in action blockbuster movies. This issue ignites a controversy that debates the relevance of gender stereotypes in this movie genre. I believe that gender stereotype is still prevalent in action blockbuster movies because of the ways men and women are portrayed, sexual objectification of women and emotional fragility of women towards men. Firstly, gender stereotype occurs in ways the men and women are portrayed in action blockbuster films. The male is always heroically personified – a man with brute strength, carrying a weapon on one shoulder and a lady on the other as he bolts through throngs of villains trying to murder him (Gamble). Contrarily, the female character is portrayed as ladylike and frail. For example, in the movie Superman Returns by Bryan Singer, Clark Kent rescued Lois Lane from Lex Luthor’s henchman who tried to harm Lois because she discovered Luthor’s evil schemes. Apart from
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