The Influence Of Grimm Brother's Stories

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From the beginning it has been a habit to tell children stories. A lot of early stories were told to teach morals or to scare children into doing the right thing. A very popular group of writers were the Grimm Brothers who wrote many short stories including Cinderella. However; though the Grimm Brothers stories are known for a lot of good things they also have negative effects. The Grimm Brothers stories have influenced our culture’s movies, books, and TV shows into making young girls believe they are helpless and need a hero to save them. All good movies have been influenced one way or another from fairy tales. Though there are many things that could be studied this paper will only be looking at how movies portray the infamous Grimm Brother’s idea that all women need a hero. In The Princess Bride, Buttercup is a typical beautiful blonde haired girl who is taken captive by the villain and forced to marry him. Instead of Buttercup trying to escape or argue she simply goes along with the wedding and plans to kill herself on her wedding night. Though it is understandable a woman would not be able to say no to a Prince; having Buttercup want to commit suicide is an awful example for girls. So according to The Princess Bride women are helpless and if a hero does not come they should take their own lives. A good way to show how the Princess Bride…show more content…
Many books have the role of a helpless women and a hero man. One such book is Short Straw Bride by Karen Witemeyer. In Short Straw Bride the blonde main girl character is presented as helpless. She works very hard around the farm trying to earn the favor of her new husband; however, everything Meredith does goes wrong and Travis is forced to save her. Though this books is a western Romance it still is influenced by the Grimm Brothers’ ideas or more specifically the Grimm Brothers’ protrail that all women need a
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