The Influence Of Gun Control

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Guns. The first thought that can come to mind is a weapon held by a male. Why can this be the case? Well, according to Michael Ian Black, an editor for The New York Times, emphasized the issues on masculinity and its connection to gun violence. Black chose to focus on a different topic on the event of the mass shooting of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School compared to the usual gun debate. Despite combating the issues surrounding guns, the editor focuses on a wider issue that’s been a common problem throughout generations, which is the definition to be a man, masculinity. Whenever a mass shooting occurs, the media focuses on the obvious point regarding guns yet they never emphasize on why it’s always majority boys. Somehow, it’s video games, television shows, or the internet that can be blamed for the outcome of a boy to decide to pick up a gun and plan out on how to take the lives of others. Rather than talk about guns, he gives his take on the issue before the outcome. I agree with his point of view regarding how guns aren’t the main issues to be dealt with, it’s masculinity, but I’m slightly disagreeing with his advice on tackling it. Firstly, gun control is a difficult topic to jump onto because there’s a lot of information put together that either puts you on pro-gun control or anti-gun control side of the argument, but I do agree that it’s highly concentrated on that it ignores the other potential or obvious issues that leads to it. Black states in his article,

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