The Influence Of Harlem Renaissance On African American Culture

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It was time for a cultural celebration. African Americans had endured centuries of slavery and the struggle for abolition. (,2016) The Great Migration eventually moved thousands of African Americans to the rural South to the urban North. Many discovered they had shared many things in common in their past histories. Jim Crow had many African Americans think there life would be better up north. African American culture was reborn in the Harlem Renaissance. African American culture had the most creative arts and the most influential movement in the African American culture.The Harlem Renaissance help give African Americans changes. The Harlem Renaissance also helped Africans American produce their art and such more. The Harlem Renaissance was more than a literary movement,it was also involved with racial pride.The Harlem Renaissance had a little impact on breaking the rigid barriers of Jim Crow that separated blacks and whites.…show more content…
The Harlem Renaissance or the New Negro Movement was inspired by Marcus Garvey he was also the founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association. Alan Locke is the author of “New Negro” and editor of The Crisis magazine.This movement expressed the pride in blacks and this motivated so many African Americans to celebrate their culture through literature and art. Harlem Renaissance helped shape American culture, while adding its own elements to the American’s.
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