The Influence Of Hate Speech On Campus

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University should be a place make all students feel safe and is a place to pursue higher quality of sharing and accepting knowledge. University is a part of public trust, which receive government support and taxes. Public trust has been established for a long time, for example “In 1960, California established a framework for public higher education in the state. It envisioned a University of California without tuition that guaranteed access for the top one-eighth of the state’s high school graduates, funded by taxpayers who believed in the university as a source of economic and social mobility.” (Mike) University is responsible for the state people to receive higher selective academic study. Though nowadays, more out-of-state students come…show more content…
According to first amendment, freedom of speech is the lifeblood of our democratic system. It is especially important for minorities because it is their only vehicle for rallying support for the redress of their grievances. Some people argues speech code limit the freedom of speech and violate the First Amendment because hate speech is protected. However, hate speech share a lot of similarities with fighting words on campus which should banned on campus. “ ‘Fighting words’ those that by their very utterance inflict injury or tend to incite an immediate breach of the peace.” (Mannheimer 1) Fighting words can not only cause injury and hurt people, but also break the peaceful conversation and atmosphere. Although both kinds put the emotion into are the same anger, hate and frustration, hate speech considers as is a form of self-expression but side effects of hate speech many times include violence too. So even though hate speech is not intended to start a fight, a little bit of common sense must be employed to realize it is just as dangerous as fighting words, especially on campus. When racist speech takes the form of face-to-face insults, catcalls, aimed at an individual or small group of persons on campus, it falls directly within the fighting words, which is exception to first amendment protection. What’s more, students…show more content…
In many university, students can see hate speech either posted on walls or online which directly hurt the minority people. However, students are big part of population and they are also in an unstable period which at risk of psychological harm. Therefore, university should regulate people’s speech to offer a safe and positive place to live and study. If not, hate speech can rise into hate crime which will not only disturb other students but also trouble the whole life on that students. Even though we need to protect our freedom of speech, freedom is relative but hate speech shut up conversation which has no help on finding the truth and discussion. For each of students, we need to enact speech
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