The Influence Of Immigration And Involuntary Immigration

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Immigration has been one of the world major problem nowadays, not only in European and western countries but also almost in all over the world. Immigrant itself is defined as the people who do migration, the moving from the homeland to a new place and most of the migration happens across national boundaries. The immigration can be categorized in to two, the voluntary immigration and involuntary immigration. Voluntary immigration is the immigration due to ones’ free choice, for example the work, moving, and etc. while involuntary immigration is caused by several push factors that happen to endanger the life of the people, such as war, poverty, natural disaster, etc. that eventually urged them to leave the homeland to find another place to survive. Being accepted in one country as immigrant does not mean that everything has been settled or provided, the immigrant needs to compete with the local people in order to survive. Today, the number of the immigrant has been incredibly increased, especially in Indonesia, which will be the main focus of the discussion. Indonesia is host of many foreign investments with thousands of branches of multinational companies. Along with the huge number of the foreign investment, there are also many immigrant as foreign workers in Indonesia, in 2013 there are around 68,957 workers which is declining from the previous year, 2012, in which there were around 72,427 foreign workers in Indonesia, the number is declining until today, but still it

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