The Influence Of Immigration To America

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Immigration Immigration has had a big influence on many parts of the world, including America. America has been influenced by immigrants from many parts of the world and it has changed America’s history from now to the end of time. It was and is a big topic in other countries such as England or Asia. It has changed the way all countries are today and is still an influencing factor that is changing them even today. Immigrants have influenced the American culture and the American culture has been shaped by immigrants. Immigration has been a big problem in American culture. With immigrants coming from other countries to America, people are losing their jobs to the immigrants and losing…show more content…
With immigrants coming from other countries to America, people are losing their jobs to the immigrants and losing supplies due to the population increase. “Before 1920, about 30 percent of all immigrants to the United States later returned to their native country. Today, about 15 percent return home. Some immigrants intend to stay in a new country temporarily and then go back home. But others go back because they find adjusting to a new society too difficult” (The World Book Encyclopedia, Volume 10, Page 82). This means that immigrants sometimes just go to other countries to get a good idea of what that country is like and can compare it to their old one. “From 1820 to 1930, the United States received about 60% of the world's immigrants. Population expansion in developed areas of the world, improved methods of transportation, and U.S. desire to populate available space were all factors in this phenomenon. Through the 19th cent., the United States was in the midst of agricultural, then industrial, expansion. The desire for cheap, unskilled labor and the profits to be made importing immigrants fueled the movement” ("immigration" The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia™. New York: Columbia University Press, 2016. Research in Context. Web. 11 May 2016). This means that most of our population comes from immigrants from other countries, so America isn’t mostly made up of Americans. Like this, the California gold rush…show more content…
It has changed the culture of America a lot. Because most of America is immigrants, the cultures vary and most of America’s cultures involve cultures of those from other countries. America was formed by different cultures including Chinese, African Americans, German, French, Irish, and several other cultures. These groups of immigrants had a big impact on the American culture by living in America for several hundred years and have developed in the country along with other cultures. These cultures mixed together and helped develop America as it is today. From the California Gold rush to the shipment of African Americans to America, there was a big population boom that changed America at a major scale and at the same time it changed the cultures of America. In the end, America could have been more of their own culture and less of everyone else’s cultures. It could have had its own culture if immigration to America was never applied but what is wrong with diverse cultures. On the other hand, African Americans would not have been used as slaves for labor work on plantations in America either. Overall, America is what it is and cannot be changed but can be a matter of the future to protect what culture Americans have left by controlling illegal

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