The Influence Of Individuality And Conformity In Society

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The influence of individuality and conformity on freedomin society. Are choices, actions, and thoughts influenced by rules or reasons? Is our freedom based on conformity or individuality?In society there is individuality and there is conformity. These two aspects are considered as two sides of the same coin in which one cannot be without the other. These contradictions are what makes society function and develop. It drives the people to accept and think more critically about life and how complex it is because life is never really just black and white it is much morethan that, it is complex and is much more bigger than what we see it to be. Individuality in society is defined as the uniqueness of peoplethat differentiates them from others. This uniqueness allows people to constantly develop and learn new things. Take for example a boy who is very curious in nature, his curiosity could lead to questions developing in his mind that leads to the finding of answers to those questions and ultimately finding an answer that could renew or alter other people’s perspectives. Individuality influences us to make our own choices by how we feel and by who we are in nature. It drives us to make choices based on what we find interesting, curious, exciting, anything that peaks our personality and views. A person’s reasoning, emotions, and character can greatly affect his behavior as well as others around him. Individuality is important to society, conformity is equally important but in some
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