The Influence Of Jeremy Montoya's Life

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Jeremy Montoya, an IT architect supervisor at the City of Mesa, is college graduate from not one, not two, but three colleges. “I think I came a long way” said Mr. Montoya, especially considering how and where he was raised. He never had any role models but he did have motivation. Everyone was always telling Jeremy, “You can’t do it” or “You won’t be successful”, but what they didn’t know is that they were only driving him to do better….
The influences that Jeremy had in his childhood and specifically in high school never went to college. Many people would try to discourage him but none of the words ever affected him even the littlest bit because he knew that he had his own plans. Everyone had the littlest expectations for Jeremy but he ended up proving everyone’s expectations wrong.
High school was fairly easy for Jeremy. He had good grades, a woman, and time. This was until he went to college. This was a enormous turning point
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Montoya had a passion for sports, he wasn’t able to participate in them during college because of how overloaded with life his schedule was. Jeremy didn’t have his mind on sports though, instead his mind was “focused on life goals”, such as owning a house and having a prosperous career.
The only time Jeremy had any relief was when his roommate, Will, would bring some friends to their house and they would “socialize” until four in the morning. I guess you can say that Mr. Montoya had somewhat of an “active social life”. He liked partying, as most college kids do, and had several tattoos as a result. He firmly said that he “regretted every single one of them”.
Throughout college, Jeremy had to find out the hard way that the only person that he was able to depend on was himself. This was a significant learning experience in Mr. Montoya’s life. He came to a realization that “there comes a time that you cannot depend on others” to make it through life. He realized this because his mom was unable to help him financially with
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