The Influence Of Language: Language Is The Basis Of Human Communication

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Chapter One
Language is the basis of all human communication. Be it in the form of signs, written or oral communication, all languages consist of a set of codes which when arranged in a particular order and employed in a particular context conveys meaning. The language that we use reveals a lot about us, our social standing, and our ideas; in short, our identity. On the other hand, the language that we are exposed to also shapes our identity, because language use is a learned behaviour. In this situation, culture plays an important role. It exerts its influence on the way we perceive the world and act in it. The ‘cultural knowledge’ or the knowledge which is essential for functioning in a society is based on certain preconceived and predetermined notions, termed as ‘cultural models’ (Dirven,Wolf and Polzenhagen, 2007: 1204). These cultural models are accountable for our views and attitudes towards various social institutions and values. Thus cultural models are also a part of sociolinguistic analysis of language.
The influence of cultural models on language can be seen very clearly in the case of marriages. No two cultures have the same notions and assumptions regarding marriage. Therefore, it is no wonder that the cultural models are also different. However, an analysis of the language used in the context of marriages speaks volumes about the cultural models that operate in the society.
Marriage, like any other institution, has become a ‘cultural industry’

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