The Influence Of Lewis Hine's Photos

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This is one of the many photographs Lewis Hine took for the National Child Labor Committee. In 1906 Lewis Hine was hired to document the conditions in which children were forced to work under. His photos would be published for the public to see. This photo shows young boys, ages 4-16 years old, in torn and tattered clothes, dirty from working a full day’s work. These children only made pennies a day and worked under harsh and dangerous conditions. This is just one of the many pictures he took in order to inform the public about the conditions these young children were working in. Hine would travel and go to factories disguised as people who have no intentions to reveal the dangerous conditions, just so he could gain entry to the facility. If the owners knew that he was there to photograph the children…show more content…
All of Lewis Hine’s photos are important photos that were catalysts for social change, all of his photos pertaining to child labor helped laws be put in place to keep young children from working in such horrendous conditions. Since he
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