The Influence Of Manipulation In Shakespeare's Othello

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In life it is easy to trust your friends, they are there for you and always have your back. But if you 've got a feeling your friend doesn’t have your back, is just using you, or is trying to turn you away from your other friends and family, when is enough going to be enough for you stop believing them? In Shakespeare 's play Othello, he teaches that a person is completely blind to manipulation when it comes from their friends.
Othello demonstrates perfectly how people are more trusting of friends and blind to their manipulation. Iago lies to Othello and at first he doesn 't believe him, but Iago is a close friend so, Othello lets Iago convince him that he is telling the truth. Othello believes Iago is a dear friend and he completely misses the fact that Iago is manipulating him. When a stranger telling someone things that they don 't believe, they are less likely to believe them, but if a friend tells them something, why wouldn 't they believe it, they are friends. When Iago starts lying to Othello he doesn 't have any proof, so the says things like this, “Did Michael Cassio, When you wooed my lady, know of your love” (Shakespeare 3.3.105). Iago planted the seed, so when Iago brings Othello “proof” he does not doubt him. Othello does not fully believe him, or want to believe him at first, but slowly believes him because they are friends. Othello sees no reason for Iago to lie to him because he believes that Cassio and Iago are friends, so why would Iago lie about Cassio
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