The Influence Of Mass Media In Movies

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Mass media reflects culture and society in which it is located, this statement is no less true for American society. With the transformation of the American society media has also gone to an evolution of its own. African Americans’ trials and tribulations in discovering not only themselves but also their place in the world of entertainment that is mirrored in the films . By choosing this movie, I would like to explore the subtleties of the Whites, the dominant society of America through humour. The movie while using comedy as its genre , it debunks stereotypes of African Americas and it instead reinforces stereotypes of Blacks . “Humour preserves . It calms you down. Humour is our weapon, the weapon of the weak. The weak laugh at themselves to unsettle the opponents. Humour is a weapon.” Tchicaya U Tam’si once asserted that humour is a weapon and African humour is opposite to Western humour. Rather than developing cynicism and projection, it is tragicomic self-derisiveness which restores emotion, and hence has the therapeutic value. White Chicks directed by Keneen Ivory Wayons and written by Keneen Ivory Wayons, Shawn Wayons and Marlon Wayons has the power to produce “shock of being seen”. Shawn and Marlon Wayons apparently the FBI agents Kevin and Marcus disguise themselves as White Wilson sisters in order to investigate the crime . The movie invokes the power and privilege of whiteness, both FBI agents Kevin and Marcus in the beginning are shown foiling a drug sting .

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