The Influence Of Media And Society In The 21st Century

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Media are present in our lives in 21st century. Among numerous forms of entertainment, we spot a lot of advertisements. They encourage us to buy several things or to do some particular activities. Among cultural diversity, otherness should not cause any controversy. Unfortunately, many people who do not fit to the social standards are usually described as inferior. Brands use a lot of methods to increase they value and sell as many products as they can. It seems like media and adverisements should support minorities, and give them opportunities to adapt and feel comfortable. Unfortunately, they use a lot of comparisons, stereotypes, and insulting images. They also show reality that does not even exsit: perfect body, life full of harmony, and having fun all the time. Advertisements show fake image of people, which is often harmful especially for minorities, and later on it leads to anxiety and prejudice. Contemporary media and society emphasize on us to have a lot of friends, popularity, and expensive clothes. They usually do not encaurage to have en extensive knowlage, being educated or kind-hearted. Nowadays, we are expected to have the ideal body, an expensive car, or a well-paid job. People crave to be perfect, and they will do a lot to get closer to the ideal. Advertisements use this weakeness of people who chase perfection. Advertisements manipulate and scare people. This is one of the methods to get more consumers. Also, using comparisions in advertiments is very
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