The Influence Of Media

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Media is defined as the main means and medium of mass communication where information is exchanged and transmitted. Media has evolved throughout the years, from traditional media such as books and newspapers to the invention of the Internet and digital technology, which started the age of new media, where computers mediated our communication through emails and instant messaging which eventually led to the rise of various social media sites. The constant exposure to media in our everyday lives is bound to play a big part in shaping who we are, be it positively or negatively. Influencing our perceptions such as creating stereotypes and body images as well as influencing our behavior and morals, are some examples of how the media shapes us. There are however other factors in our life that shapes us such as our family, friends and religion.

Media is everywhere and it plays a big part in perpetuating people’s perceptions and ideals. Media, more often than not portrays many misguided truths, which heavily influences people who are less critical in their thinking when exposed to media’s many outlets. Being unable to properly evaluate the content of media, people believe that the absolute truth is reflected on the big screens and by their idols. Media over the years has widely influenced society’s beauty standards, where women are portrayed to have extreme thinness and flawless skin while men are to be muscular and tall. Starting from a young age children have been exposed through

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