The Influence Of Molotov's Second Front

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When Molotov visited President Roosevelt, his purpose was to convince President Roosevelt to launch a massive invasion of France, deemed a “second front”. Molotov had theorized that despite the Red Army’s effective counter strike in Moscow, the Germans had since crushed them in the offensive at Kharkov. Molotov pointed out that this defeat, had allowed the Germans to situate themselves perfectly for a major attack. The necessity for a ‘second front’ in France, would pull German troops away from the Soviet Union and provide the Red Army with relief. Molotov, reaffirmed, that if a second front was not opened, then the likelihood that Hitler would be able to over the throw Soviet Union was very likely. With the delay in opening the second front, this nurtured suspicion to the Soviets that the United States and Great Britain wanted to see Germany and Russian fight it out.…show more content…
A disunion reappeared between the United States and Russian, after Soviet influence started expanding into Eastern Europe following the defeat of the Germany. The United States had successfully established an effective economic and political predominance in Western Europe. In my opinion, you had two separate governments trying to promote their own style of economic and political ideas. And as these two nations are promoting their ideas, there is also the competition for international power. With all this promotion and competing, it was destined to create an enormous struggle on a philosophical, economic and political scale. This completion, eventually led to the Cold
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