The Influence Of Nationalism

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Political Thought II Final Examination Nationalism is belief in politics and ideas that a political party holds. Nationalism is when a person believes in a creed and all his/her activities are in line with that belief. Nationalism is when people become attached to their country, political leaders and government. Nationalism and patriotism are different and there are terms that people can easily confuse. Patriotism has more to do with how people have had beliefs that are skewed towards the society while nationalism has to do with trust and belief in a country/nation. Nationalism includes people being in tune with their culture and interest of their country. People who believe in nationalism think that their countries are independent and they can be self-sufficient. Such people do not believe in foreign interference or aid. They believe in having their country goals and not depending on international aid. Nationalism also refers to people who believe that their nations are better than others. These people tend to influence other to form a large of their own without involving other countries. There are some factors that cause the rise of nationalism. One of the factors comes from a point of view of the sociologist. Nationalism comes from what the ancient people went through. In order to survive, human beings have had to help each other in groups. Human beings are social beings and they tend to interact with their kind. However, human beings organize themselves in groups

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