The Influence Of North Korean Confucianism In North Korea

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People thinks of North Korean propaganda as communist propaganda, probably because of the URRS influence over North Korea but the truth is that the country’s propaganda comes from a unique mix of ideals and culture. The influence of Japanese culture is greater than East communist influence contrary to what we might think, and we can observe this influence in the type of propaganda that the Kim regime has used from its roots, using an imperial Japanese propaganda, based in a dominant dualism, in this case Kim Il Sung chose purity versus impurity. Kim Il Sung borrowed the elements that the Japanese leader, Hirohito had implemented during Japan’s occupation and that people had already learned and accepted. Hirohito, who was considered by the North Korean as the parent of the childlike race, Great Marshal, who their nation must hold him up at the highest as he was the sun to their nation and even die if it was necessary to protect him. Kim made use of this references changing few points and this made him a great fit to what the people thought they needed as a leader to take care of their nation and race. Confucianism some scholars agree other no, that has had an influence in the North Korean culture that has made possible the acceptance of the propaganda and lastly the regime. Confucianism is an ideology that was used mainly by the empires in Asia, and that is based on the teachings of the Chinese philosopher Confucius, that believed in the principles of self-guidance,
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