The Influence Of Online Shopping

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Considering the vast range of the internet in the modern era, the term ‘online shopping’ is no longer a new term to be added to the vocabulary of the status quo. By popular definition, online shopping is known as an act of shopping done through the online access in the internet. The presence of online shopping is indeed not uncommon to the public since a lot of people are actually into it; may it be of different countries, cultures and genders. However, in the Philippine community, it has been observed that mostly of the respondents of online shopping are females other than the males. One reason to kind of support this hypothesis is in the presence of locally constraint online bidding sites that are present in social media like Facebook where…show more content…
Though it’s true that a lot of females tend to shop a lot than men in a physical sense, we therefore, presumed that this might also be true for online shopping habits. Online shopping is defined as the process a customer takes to purchase a service or product over the internet. In other words, a consumer may at his or her leisure buy from the comfort of their own home products from an online store (Jusoh & Ling, 2012). With this definition, one can assume that the sole purpose of online shopping is to be able to make people shop with ease and convenience. Gender is an important consumer demographic to judge the perception of online shopping behavior (Akhlaq & Ahmed, 2016), and according to a report by Mintel (2012), because more women in Europe are forced to stay to work full time, they are more driven to shop online considering that they don’t have the luxury of time to shop physical and other activities for leisure. This has forced them to seek a more convenient channel to market, hence the adoption of the internet (James, 2013). A study also conducted in US by Lester et al. (2005) indicated that locating “hard to find merchandise,” can shop online any time of the day, competitive prices, ability to compare prices, secure site, broad assortment of merchandise, and privacy were among the most important reasons for purchasing merchandise on the Internet. With all these reasons, the researchers came up with different factors that might affect females to have the urge to do so. First of which is the presence of unavailability of the product locally in the area. As based from data gathered, it is said that shopping online serves a lot of benefits to its users, just a tap of a finger, anytime, anywhere. Steinhart et al., (2013) said that when the product is available to purchase, the consumer typically finds it as a good thing (in most cases, this is the default
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