The Influence Of Pangloss Philosophy In 'Candide'

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Throughout the novel there are many events that question Pangloss philosophy,These various events helps Candide to mature because he begins to realize that the world is more than Westphalia, and that Westphalia is not the best place in the world. Candide begins to realize that if he wants live in the best world he must construct it. In the novel Candide by Voltaire, the characters of Pangloss,Cacambo, and Martin help contribute to Candide’s growth throughout the novel in many different ways, such as Candide being heavily influenced by Pangloss philosophy at the start of the novel. Later when Candide ventures across the world and meets new people such as Cacambo and Martin, Candide starts to question his beliefs on Pangloss philosophy. When the book first starts Candide has only known one philosophy, which is Pangloss theory that states “ That everything that happens in the world has some point and, in the end, everything happens for the best”(Voltaire…show more content…
Cacambo lack of philosophy allows him to avoided many of the misfortunes the other characters face. Cacambo’s character provides a sense of hope for Candide because he remains loyal regardless of the situation. An example of this loyalty can be seen when Candide gives him an abundance of jewels to buy Cunegonde freedom from the governor of Buenos Aires. Cacambo could have taken all the jewels and left, but he goes through with his promise and frees Cunegonde. Cacambo’s loyalty is significant because it opens Candide’s eyes to the true meaning of life. Cacambo is a very intelligent and faithful person, he knows how to handle a difficult situation, and most importantly he doesn’t try to find meaning in life, he just lives his life the best he can. With his new found discovery of the meaning of life, Candide has now found his place in
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