The Influence Of Peer Pressure

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The influence of peer pressure on young people’s involvement in risky behaviors is important, especially in modern day research, as peer pressure has become a reoccurring issue surrounding our society. Peer pressure can be negative or positive, the influences can come from various people – parents, siblings, friends, clothes, habits, as well as the newest trends. Peer pressure has become a rising concern especially involving middle and high school students, as studies show that you are most vulnerable to risky decisions while also trying to find yourself. There is also the exploration of risky decisions involving criminal behaviors, substance abuse, and bullying. The effects that peer pressure has on its victims can cause the victim to become more isolated, depressed or give them anxiety issues. Criminal and deviant behavior is a major phenomenon that is a factor involving peer pressure. Peer groups consist of several groups, often adolescent and teenage groups. These groups are supposed to be known for using “model behavior”. Often times these behavior models can either be rewarded or punished. Since members of society want to be accepted, they act like the other members in the group. Studies have shown that once children become teenagers they become most influenced by their peer groups, this becomes most highly influenced upon attitude and conduct norms. “A teacher who is a part of a group that is involved in cultism, thieving, stealing, lying, drugs, examination,
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