The Influence Of Physical Appearance

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These days, there are many trends when it comes to physical appearance, and these trends are followed by the majority of the people in society and they sometimes extend outside of one’s own. From clothes to make-up, the fashion and physicality that is mostly looked upon is the way one’s hair is styled. The hair, the “crowning glory” as some may call it, is said to be the very first thing that is noticed and seen of an individual unconsciously or not. The hair on one’s head is one of the most public bodily commodities, visible and open to interpretation by others at a first or second’s glance. This is equally true for men and women in view of the fact that people are often evaluated based on their appearance. With this, people in society take extra steps in making sure that their hair is to be seen as how they want it to be through hairstyling. The western culture has a great influence on Asian countries like the Philippines. After seeing and appreciating what’s hip and in the rage on the other side of the world, Filipino citizens tend to take up and follow western countries’ fashion, trends, fads and art, such as Hair coloring. Hair coloring is said to go way back in the 1500’s when Egyptians used dye that was extracted out of plants, such as Henna, to color their gray strands and remain in their power despite old age. However, the synthetic procedure we use today originated in 1907 when French founder of cosmetics company L’Oréal, Eugene Schueller, created

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