The Influence Of Physical Resilience

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Based on Jane McGonigal Ted Talk, “The game that can give you 10 extra years of life” I believe my biggest strength is Physical Resilience. I find that physical resilience is the way of getting through your troubled times through physical/athletic opportunities. My fear is let go when I run, running has been my safe places in which I can get out of the real world and spend time daydreaming about all the good. Sports has been my way of physical resilience and my method of understanding the world. My mind is filled with stress and fear, but that is all let go when I get to the first mile of my race. At this moment I realize that no one else can help me finish this race but myself and it is up to me to get through the final two miles at top speed without letting my ego slow me down. This is why I find physical resilience as my strongest strength.…show more content…
These two strength are a tie because I feel as if they tie into each other causes me to have my weakest strength. Although I can physically get through situations; my mind and emotions cause chaos that I can not control. For instead after a soccer game in which I sit the bench the whole time then get yelled at for not doing good enough, my mentality of the real world comes back and I can control my emotions anymore. I can not handle the fact that I did not have a chance to help the team out to win but I am still the one to get yelled at. This made me cry for the first time in awhile, and I do not cry. I broke for the first time and could not control myself, so I feel these are my weakest strengths and I need to work on my mental focus and positive

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