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Poetry is one of the main literary forms that human beings practiced a long time ago. It is a kind of literature that provokes man's imagination towards certain topics. These topics main depend on the personal experiences of the poet. In addition, the poets use various emotions all through their poems. They can be happy, sad or worried. In addition, poets always describe their environments and try to use them as influencing factors in poems. They talk about rivers, winds, dark skies, sunshine and flowers.
However, not all poetry attempts go on the same way. Poets are different in many aspects. Thus, poems are also different in the same way. There is the romanticism poetry that talks about man's feelings and his relation to his nature. Also
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He used (death) to refer to brutality while valley refers to (graves of soldiers). He used (charge guns) to draw the portrait of war. Also in the second sonnet, he repeated word like (theirs), (cannon) and (flashed) to give strength to the sonnet. He also used the expression (Rode the six hundred) to give an imagery personification and to let a reader feel the action of war.
In (Song of the Mud), the poets' use of colors (yellow and grey) was to move readers' imagination to the picture after war. Then she used (squirting and spurting) to refer to heavy mud after war. The word (Road-beds) symbolized at the end of war. Also the word (Pounding) gives the feeling of frequent hits in a war. In second stanza, she used the word (Ermine) it referred to the old trim that is on the fur of the Kings' coat. Also she used the word (Borden)
In (Dulce et Decorum Est.) Wilfred Owen used figurative language that portrayed the events of the battle. For example, he used (bent double) to how very tired soldiers. He portrayed their (hanging face) as if it is full of blood. Also, he used the expression of (incurable sores on innocent tongues) to show that the battle is unforgettable. The word (blood) gives coloring while the word (cancer) and (cud) gives feelings of bitterness and illness. Finally, the word (blood-shod) shows that soldiers were almost killed from
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However, they have different forms of war tones. Starting with (Dulce et Decorum Est.) the tone was normal. However, it was also angry. On the other hand, the poet was realistic and he did not tend to shout a lot. In (The Charge of the Light Brigade), the poet was more heroic. The poet tried to show more bravery and pride. However, he was also sad because of the deaths he saw.
As for the tone of the (Song of the Mud), the poet used dark humor when she showed mud as a dress. That was ironical indeed. However, she turned emotional in the rest of her poem.
Finally, the tone of (To Lucasta on Going to the War) was different. The poet used light loving tone. That was like a pro war speech. That's why the poet changes her tone from time to time. she used honor and also she used chivalry of the beloved man. Poems are like their poets. They have different goals. However, the difference of goals also implies different use of dictions and tones. In the four poems in this essay, they discussed the same topic of war and battles. Meanwhile our four poets were all different. One was proud. One was sad. Another was humorous while the last was merely emotional and loving. It is great to follow the diction and tone of the poem. It provides the reader with major explanation of the themes of the poem. Moreover, it creates imagination that go up and down with poems
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