The Influence Of Privilege In Buddhism

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Born into royalty, the prediction for Buddha’s life was either he would become a spiritual leader or rule as the king. His parents wanted him to become a ruler, so they kept Buddha within their bubble of social privileges and didn’t allow him to see the outside world. Privilege indicates a person possesses a special right or has an advantage over others. It’s defined by societal standards and often associated with wealth. People live within their own bubble of privileges and fail to realize it. Buddha recognized his privilege and he acted upon it when he left his royal life to help others obtain a life of spiritual meaning and fulfillment. Privilege exists in many forms and when acted upon can reduce disparity. At a commencement speech at Wellesley College, the speaker decided instead of glorifying the term privilege regarding college education, she used the opportunity to inform the graduates that their education hampered them.…show more content…
There are no limits to the challenges that people face and opportunities to utilize our privileges. “Not all privilege is obvious, and not all disadvantages are easily defined,” (Schrobsdorff, p. 59). Although most people associate wealth with privilege, it isn’t the only means of privilege. Privilege can give meaning to your life. Confront your privileges and decide whether it defines your values. Buddha confronted his privilege of wealth to make a conversion for a privileged life of spiritual happiness. Hence, the term privilege gives people special advantages, and it aggravates people when they have to defend it. Privilege became a provocative word, and it blinds our perceptions of people and situations. Privileges hinder your life. It is wise to review your privileges and decide if it displays your values. Buddha illustrated with his conversion in life how lifting his privilege blinds led him to spirituality and gave meaning to his
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