Propaganda During Ww1

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Propaganda is a set of ideas or that is biased and misleading used and spread in order to influence the way people perceive things on a global scale. During the Great War, various countries went into war after the invasion of Belgian by Germany in August 1914. This invasion led to speculations arising as to what led to the Belgian invasion. This essay will discuss the role propaganda played in shaping public opinion on both sides of the conflict during the First World War. It will further discuss how the media influenced the spread of propaganda and the views of the different States regarding propaganda.

Belgium was invaded by German troops in August 1914. The invasion began spreading in other parts of Belgium and later into France. It was
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110). After a few clashes with the United States, to justify their actions the German government stated that the German army did what was legitimate. Reports issued showed that the evidence found was fabricated and that the claim of the Germans of being ambushed by the francs-tireurs and believing that it was a civilian resistance was totally not true.
Finally it found that Germany attacked all the civilians deliberately in order to dominate them. Multiple reports came out stating that the German soldiers did a great physical damage to civilians and were responsible for brutally killing a large number of people mercilessly. However in 1927, when a commission of the Reichstag was founded to investigate the atrocities committed it found that no atrocities had been committed on their side and yet there were some Germans from the liberals and social Democrats that were prepared to testify that the German soldiers did in fact commit those malicious
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Cartoons and newspaper articles depicted what was happening in Belgium and France during the war and were able to provoke the public’s opinion. They were also used to spread propaganda in favour of the German government or the Allied. Various reports were made to find out whether atrocities committed by Germany were true or were a falsely manipulated agenda of the Allied. After the reports found out that indeed atrocities were committed by Germany, the German state argued that the German atrocities was propaganda of the Allied countries. The Catholics regarded the German atrocities as being godless and the German liberals and socialists viewed them as an arrogant military caste. Crimes committed by the German soldiers in Belgium and France were really brutal leading to a lot of people losing their

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