The Influence Of Reggae Music In Jamaica

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‘When the music hits you feel no pain’ is a popular line by reggae icon Bob Marley. Reggae music is the foundation in which Jamaican people have rooted their attitudes in such as anti-Babylonian behaviour and their belief that things will change for the best if you are easy going with time and hard work, it is also the facet through which the masses can identify with. Attributes of the music, mainly its content resonates with Jamaican people as it normally encompasses social, economic and political issues within the country. Similarly, its religious connotation which is Rastafarianism is linked to Jamaica by those outside of the country along with its vibrant colours of red, green and gold. These attributes along with others have been incorporated in the lives of many Jamaicans especially those living in the diaspora whether through the morals and values they hold to the cuisine of ital dishes and the symbolic or fashionable wearing of dreadlocks’. The musical content, the image and attitude the music portrays and how natives are identified by others because of the music is how reggae music is a contributing factor to what is known as the Jamaican identity. Reggae’s musical content has contributed to the Jamaican identity as it often times reflect the issues and ideologies of the people. Issues of economic, political and social hardships faced by the people of Jamaica are echoed within reggae music. The musical content predominantly speaks of the living conditions
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