The Influence Of Relationships In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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How would the tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet be affected without the benevolence of Benvolio Montague? Shakespeare 's legendary tale of romantic tragedy explores the story of how two “-star crossed lovers-” (I.i.5) who, ultimately, take their lives in order to be together and escape the conflict between their two families. Benvolio’s peace-making skills within the play are demonstrated throughout the abundance of conflicts that plague the tale; his altruistic and compassionate personality burns a fervent effect on others, whilst not excluding him from the effects of friendly peer-pressure. Most crucially, he pledges to his convictions by being the bearer and speaker of the pure truth, even in the face of calamity. Benvolio’s character,…show more content…
Whilst Mercutio is known for being a ‘wild child’ and making lewd jokes, Benvolio’s saintly pure personality balances him out and even prompts him to change his actions or thoughts from time to time. When Mercutio and Benvolio are having a discussion about love, Benvolio is trying to convince Mercutio that “Blind is his love and best befits the dark” (II.iv.36), and whilst Mercutio does properly answer “If love be blind, love cannot hit the mark-“ (II.iv.37) he eventually reverts back to his old self by lewdly joking that Benvolio is an “-open arse-“ and a “-pop’rin pear” (II.iv.41). Mercutio 's attempts at acknowledging Benvolio’s suggestions shows that his efforts are appreciated, considered to an extent and do create reasonable dents in Mercutio’s obscene personality. However, this does not mean that Benvolio is exempt from the effects of Mercutio’s vulgar personality. When both young men encounter the Nurse, Mercutio, naturally, begins to tease the Nurse; Benvolio, evidently influenced by Mercutio, joins in by joking that the Nurse will “-indite him to some supper.” (II.iv.65). Benvolio’s lapse in his habitual judgement indicates that the influence of characters upon one another works both ways, and is not reserved only for those who are imperfect. Thus, Benvolio’s positive personality has a substantial affect on others, but is not in safety of being tarnished by the impertinence of the impudent

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