The Influence Of Residential Education

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The Indian Act was first proposed in 1876. It was mainly used as a way for the federal government to control aspects of First Nations lives. During the 1880’s the federal government told Aboriginal families that if they wanted their children to have an education, it was to be done under them. These institutions would be known as Residential Schools. Residential Schools were not good for the First Nations due to the education being taught was there to “take away” the aboriginal heritage within the children, in other words, to make them act like they are not of First Nation descent. These schools were bad for both boys and girls as they were often abused, and so I wondered how the psychosocial problems related to child abuse would hinder the…show more content…
I do not have any education on the topic, as such I think it would be interesting to learn, because I know that there is some information out there on the topic. As such if I do not have any education on the fact, I am unable to educate others. I see it as a vicious cycle of people not being educated on the fact, and then being racist because they do not know all the facts. If things go smoothly, I hope to have answered one major question in mind. How did the Residential Schools effect the experiences in Residential School attending children and their future family’s childbearing…show more content…
Children were frequently assaulted and raped as evidenced by the 2005 sentencing of Arthur Plint, a former dorm supervisor at a residential school, who was convicted of 16 counts of indecent assault. These survivors talked about their pasts, and opened up about their own abusive actions toward loved ones as result of their tragic pasts. As result of these actions that Arthur Plint committed, many of his victims have committed suicide or died of alcohol abuse, whereas others have assaulted their own wives and children. One man admitted that he had beat his wife and children for years before facing his problems and going into counseling and facing the sexual assault. Another man admitted that he beat his wife and sent her to the hospital for three months. This last man said that he thought he himself was a gay person because he did not stop Arthur Plint, believed there was something wrong with him and that he brought the abuse upon himself. This is just one outcome from one case of the problem the residential schools did to damage not just the children who attended the schools, but also the families of those who were

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