The Influence Of Romanticism In Literature

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Coining from the word real, realism is a term that is associated with art and literature beginning from the early 19th century until its peak on mid-19th century in France and gradually across the world. Realism literature has produced many inspiring and great writers like Charles dickens, Leo Tolstoy, Mark Twain, William dean Howells, Guy de Maupassant and Anton Chekov. According to James Kritzeck in his translation of Ibn Hazm work, who is a prominent Islamic writer and thinker in Spain, “thus, when ice is pressed a long time in the hand, it finally produces the same effect as fire”. To conclude, when one thing is being too extreme, the opposite of that thing will certainly born. This is an analogy on how this term, realism started to appear as when romanticism started to become more artificial and unsuitable for the revolutionized citizen, realism started to march its step slowly into the literature of the people.
Encyclopedia Britannica on realism stated that the writer or supporter of realism are the one who rejects the artificiality of romanticism and also classicalism works or literature and this literary movement is catalyzed by the emergence of intellectual developments such as anti-romantic movement in Germany, Auguste Comte’s Positivist philosophy, rise of professional journalism and the development of photography. In contrast to romanticism which focuses more on nature and individualism, realism give emphasis more on the subject matter of the ordinary people, the
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