The Influence Of Roy Lichtenstein And Andy Warhol's Impact On America

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Have you ever wondered how one person can make such a strong impact on America? Whether it be music, dance, war, or art, a single person can change and shape our home into the amazing place that it is today. Two different artists, both from the same time period, but one is extremely liked by everyone, while the other was hated. The two artists, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol are two great artist with unique styles. Warhol’s style was different and bright, but Lichtenstein was thought to be unoriginal and boring. Warhol’s use of subject and color made it popular and well-liked, while Lichtenstein’s use of technique was copied and cliche, but both artists made such an impact on America in two very different ways and have shaped our society…show more content…
Their pasts were very different from each other. Roy Lichtenstein was, “born October 27, 1997.” Lichtenstein grew up in, “Manhattan on the Upper West Side,” with both parents and his sister. Father, “Milton Lichtenstein, a real-estate broker,” and mother, “Beatrice Werner Lichtenstein, a homemaker,” tried their very best to give their children the best future that they could. Both parents came from a German-Jewish background. Roy Lichtenstein went to public school until he was twelve years old. Before Lichtenstein attended school, he had passions for other things besides art. “Lichtenstein first got interested in art and design as a hobby.” He was an avid jazz fan and always drew famous musicians with their instruments. As a teen Lichtenstein furthered his art career and interests by taking, “watercolor classes at Parsons School of Design” and he started a jazz band at his high school. Lichtenstein was inspired by “Matisse’s still life paintings, Picasso’s nudes, and Chinese landscape paintings.” Their different techniques inspired him to do something different. He started experimenting with images taken from ads, golf balls, a spray can, and Mickey mouse. After high school, Lichtenstein decided to further his career in art since it was his new passion. He decided to go to Ohio State University which offered a degree in fine arts, just like what Andy Warhol decided to study. “Lichtenstein entered the graduate program at Ohio State and was hired as an art instructor.” He knew that art was the right fit but he just had to find out what techniques and styles he was going to paint with. Lichtenstein wanted to use something that many people didn’t understand and thought was mediocre and turn it into something fantastic. That was Benday dots. The style of Benday dots were widely used in magazines, newspapers, comics, and billboards. He started experimenting with Benday dots when he was a college

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