The Influence Of Soccer In Latin America

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The competitive nature of football in Latin America helped it flourish and plant deep roots in the cultures of these countries. The sport can impact many aspects of their everyday lives and lead to nationalism and strong pride. Soccer in Latin America has been analyzed by historians, journalists, and filmmakers as an important feature of understanding the country’s popular culture and national identity through the history of Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina. Once all three countries could defeat the English National and club teams, soccer was a main source of nationalism and helped confirm the social development of these Latin American countries (Nadel 45).
Brazilian soccer plays an important role in the globalization of the sport while directly focusing on nationalism within Brazil. Pele and Garrincha are two of the greatest Brazilian football players that helped further develop the game and encourage support. Everyone, of all races and nationalities were intrigued by their skills and did not judge them based on differences in race or class. All social classes would gather to watch their games including prisoners in the jails of Brazil. Their fame at the national level and being part of a team that held three world champion titles, gave them a successful career while Brazil received the football culture and national pride it desired.
The documentary, Gods of Brazil, displays Brazil in the 1950’s and 1960’s looking for ways to prove themselves to the world. They used their
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