The Influence Of Soccer On My Life

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My Biography words Soccer: This sport has always been with me during my entire life. This sport has helped me through tough times at school. Playing soccer makes me feel more relaxed about school. I scored my best goal when I was in 6th grade. It happened when someone crossed the ball in my direction. While I was talking to a friend, I moved my right foot up - which was weird - and shot. I scored against one of the best goalkeepers in my grade. I felt surprised at that time. I saw the ball in slow-motion, getting to the top left post and GOAL!!!! I will never forget that moment in my whole life. This memory has helped me be more confident in myself. Homework: Homework has always frustrated me. I can still remember the time in 6th grade when I had an assignment to plan a family trip. I felt anxious about this assignment, because I didn 't…show more content…
Our class assignment was to make our parachute fly as long as possible. We were trying to make a parachute with popsicle sticks and paper. We used the paper to make the balloon and used the popsicle sticks to make a little seat for the passengers. The seat gives the parachute an good balance. This experience was so unique for me, because I learned how to make something incredible with simple objects. This experiment has made me be more creative in life. Candy: When I was 1 ½ years old, I can still remember the incredible feeling I had, when I first tasted my first lollipop, which was strawberry flavor. The lollipop tasted so sugary to my tongue, it almost tasted unreal. Sugar was all over my lips, but went away to my tongue where it vanished away to my stomach. I felt so delighted that day, that I couldn’t think of anything but the glorious taste the lollipop had left over, from my tongue. The lollipop has made me be more of a risk-taker in trying to eat and drink different types of foods and drinks from around the
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