The Influence Of Social Conformism In America

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They focused on the structure of ownership in US. In America everything is in control of profit oriented management except movies and books. While in England all are controlled and owned by government. Social Conformism Mass media is supported by business concerns that control the social and economic system. Media contribute to maintain that system. Media has a great influence upon the audience and it could be judge from what that is not said, so media works to maintain the status quo and at the same time it failed to raise the question about the structure of society. Commercially sponsored mass media cannot work for minor changes in the social system. Some media can be progressive only if the sponsors are agreed upon. Impact on Popular taste…show more content…
A woman used to spend 3-4 hours and watch twelve consecutive soap operas. The effective audience about arts is transformed and historically it was limited to the aristotic elite. Only few people used to buy the books and visit theatres. Not more them one to two per cent of population were responsive for arts. Now with the emergence of new technology and education there developed a large number of audience for arts, Music, dramas and literature now reached everywhere. So the term mass media and mass art is used. Large number of people is not capable enough to understand what they read. “There has developed in short a marked gap between literacy and comprehension. People read more but understand less” [1](P. 467) Propaganda for social
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