The Influence Of Social Media

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It has been around half a decade since the emergence of new media to our world. Social media evolves every year with people being immerse in their online world increasingly. The usual cry for traditional media and its death has been among the recent concerns. With this, even the way of reporting has gone through major changes over the years, with more and more turning to the digital side to please the audience and provide convenience to their readers. According to Mittal and Mittal (2013), traditional media is categories into Folk, TV, Radio and Newspaper while new media mainly consist of the Internet itself. As the globalization of mass media evolves, social media has changed the journalism landscape in a great way. According to Alejandro (2012), she said social media such as Twitter has become an influential communication and a tool to sent breaking news to the masses. Search engine giants such as Google and Microsoft are also incorporating Twitter messages into their real time search. As the amount of information flows reach a grand scale, the masses wants more news and more importantly delivered faster than ever. Newspaper used to be a thing back then, but instant news is what people want nowadays. According to a Sterling (2013), a 2012 Pew Research Center study state that "19 percent of Americans received news or headlines on a social network “yesterday.” In the age category between 18 to 24, the percentage doubled. Looking at the attention span of people

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