My Family Background

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I was born in a traditional Chinese family and my life experience is a bit complicated because I did not live in a fixed city during my growth process. My living environment changes constantly with the change of parents' work. But in this complicated experience, no matter what I come across or what I have encountered, what I have learned has made me now. I gained a lot from my experience and influenced by my parents, my school and my friends. The primary socialization agent that shaped my core values is my family. My father is a businessman and my mother is an accountant. They were all born to impoverished families and became wealthy through their own efforts. They are very diligent and instill good character to me, they teach me to be a responsible and kind person when I was very young. I also work in this direction, and strive to be such a person. In my family, unlike the gender roles in people's traditional impressions - dad is harsh and mom is gentle. My father is kind and my mother is very strict. My mother is responsible for supervising and teaching me and my brother’s study, while my father is responsible for taking vacation with us. The good family division of my parents affected me and my…show more content…
My parents influenced my morality and values in my lifetime. If I meet with different parents, have different social status and economic conditions, I may encounter a completely different life. Perhaps I do not have the opportunity to do what I want to do, enter international high school or have the chance to go abroad. My high school exposed me to different cultures, met different companions and formed different values. If I go to another school, I might be different. All the experience has shaped me, I am very grateful to the fate of the
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