The Influence Of Soft Drink Advertisements

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Soft drinks have been part of the lifestyle of the people and everyone prefers a particular brand. Companies use advertisements to attract its target audience. Advertisements play a major role and positive effect on consumer’s buying behavior.
According to Vivekananthan (2010):
There are numerous advertisements in medias; television, radio, newspapers and magazines but, the important question for a marketer is “do all these advertisements positively influence the consumers’ brand preference?” If [an] advertisement [does] not create any positive change in [the] consumers’ brand preference, all the resources such as money, time[,] and efforts spent on advertisement will go in vain…. Companies must first understand the buying behavior pattern
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If advertisements do not give a valuable impact to the company, it can be said that it is useless. Thus, among the aforementioned discussions, soft drink advertisements have impact on the brand preference of the selected 2nd year CBA students in Silliman University, S.Y. 2015-2016.
This paper presents the discussion on how soft drink advertisements impact the brand preference of the selected 2nd year CBA students in Silliman University. The first part talks about how advertisements give importance to visual media. The second part talks about the power of celebrity in influencing consumers. The third part talks about the reliability of the advertisements. Advertisements give importance to visual media. Visual media is a great help in influencing consumers. Many companies use attractive and attention-catching images to capture the interest of the target market. Most of the consumers get attracted with what they see in the different visual paraphernalia that companies disseminate through creative endorsements seen online or on televisions. And because most consumers are easy to be influenced, their taste and interests
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Moreover, according to Forrester (2013), our brain processed visuals “60,000x faster than text” and thus making it a great help in a company’s marketing strategy. Visuals bring a great help to the marketers because these visuals bring a great impact on the product, attract and catch the attention of the existing market as well as the non-users of the product. In addition, visual media is of great help in promoting products for it depicts a thousand of meanings. With the use of visual images in advertisement, it creates strong and eye-catching impact for it captures the consumer’s attention. Visuals help the product which is neutral to be meaningful. (An, 2013) Visuals as used in advertisements are helpful in communicating to the target market what they want to express without even using words to further elaborate their advertisements. With the use of these visuals, the advertisement becomes understandable to everyone even with those people having different languages. The images become a language barrier. Furthermore, visual contents make an advertisement universally understandable even if it doesn’t use words to explain them. (Cohen,

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